Just a Little about Me

Hello all,

Welcome to the SecuDad blog.  I have long realized that secular parenting is gaining traction in popular culture, but we have a long way to go.  It occurred to me that the only way for those of us that care deeply about secular parenting to continue this trend is for more of us to make our presence known.  This blog is not intended to portray me as some sort of expert, just a secular Dad that is working through parenting along with everyone else.

At the date of this writing, I have been married for just 2 months shy of 13 years.  I have a wonderful wife, a two and a half year old son, and a little girl to be born in just a month.

While I am relatively new in the parenting field, I think that one of the best ways to work through thoughts, questions, quandries and such is to write about them.  To put these out for public consideration and response is perhaps the best way I can learn and grow.

While this blog is written from a secular viewpoint (I am an irreligionist) for other seculars, I encourage people of faith to read, consider, and respond accordingly.  My intention is to always write with respect for people, although not necessarily for viewpoints that strike me as unworthy of respect.

Thanks for your readership, and Best Regards.